Pillagers and Villagers

You might not look at pictures of the bizarre debauchery that was the Pride Month celebration at the White House earlier this week and immediately think of barbarians on horseback sacking a medieval village, but this week’s Spectacle podcast will make that connection for you.

The American Spectator publisher Melissa Mackenzie and TAS contributing editor (and publisher of RVIVR.com and TheHayride.com) Scott McKay talk about the oldest story in the history of man and how it’s playing out in American culture, economics and politics. That story is the conflict between the villagers – the people who work to create honest wealth, building families and communities around the timeless values of objective truth and morality – and those other people.

We call them the pillagers. They’re the ones whose lives revolve around coveting the villagers’ things. Modern-day pillagers don’t ride around on horses with swords and flaming arrows at the ready, but their project is pretty much the same: destroy the village and rob it of everything it holds dear.

They’re looting the stores, they’re burning down the traditional family with the queer agenda, feminism and hookup culture. They’ve trashed free speech in American politics. They’ve weaponized a justice system which used to be the envy of the world.

The Biden regime put the rainbow flag in the center of its White House decorations and the American flag on the outside, to show the homage and subservience traditional America now owes to its cultural pillager overlords. And to show just how debauched this new cultural hegemony is, there were trans activists baring fake breasts on the White House lawn.

Can the villagers fight back? Happily, as Melissa and Scott note, the answer is yet. Just ask Target and others among those who chose the side of the pillagers and alienated the village.

It’s a great show, and well worth watching and sharing.


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