The Bloom Comes Off The Zelensky Rose

In this week’s episode of The Spectacle Podcast, American Spectator publisher Melissa Mackenzie and contributing editor Scott McKay weigh in on a number of pressing topics.

Including the realization, illuminated by Tucker Carlson in his questions to GOP presidential candidates at an Iowa summit, that we’re at a point in the Ukraine conflict where the endgame is upon us and it’s time to end the war.

But our leaders don’t appreciate what most of us do, sadly.

That lack of appreciation, and its consequences, is discussed in other venues as well – like for example the continuing degradation of the media business and the failure of the large conglomerates who own the companies who feed us both news and entertainment.

Also, a bit of commentary on the GOP primary field and Donald Trump’s domination of it. Is that a function of the failures of the other candidates, or is it simply the state of our current moment?