Biden: What A Paid-Off President Does

President Joe Biden, his family Ashley, Hunter and his brother James, and nearly all of the D.C. elites do not follow the same laws you and I must obey. Scott McKay and Melissa Mackenzie talk about what it means when the President of the United States is corrupted by bribes and what he does to keep his paymasters happy. Hint: He does not represent the American people.
Scott and Melissa also discuss the movie Openheimer. Is it worth seeing? Is this Christopher Nolan’s best film?
See excellent The American Spectator reviews:
By Leonora Cravota a surprising review of Barbie.
Finally, the podcast pals discuss Biden’s handling of the border and the coming confrontation with Texas governor Greg Abbott. Federal agents are aiding lawlessness. Why?
Finally, the Hollywood writers’ strike might end up being a bad deal if writers and actors get what they want.
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