It Isn’t Organic – It’s Artificial

A brief interview with American Spectator founder R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., whose memoir, How Do We Get Out Of Here?, is due out soon and is available for pre-order, highlights this week’s Spectacle Podcast.

But something Tyrrell notes is picked up on by Spectacle Podcast co-hosts Melissa Mackenzie and Scott McKay for the rest of the show as various topics are discussed. Tyrrell mentions that things just seem to be out of whack in modern society, and it feels like we’re headed for something terrible.

And we are, if we don’t change course.

Our economy, according to virtually everybody as measured by survey after survey of Americans, is sclerotic and moribund. The cost of everything – housing, food, appliances, cars, you name it – has skyrocketed. And yet we’re being gaslit by our ruling class that “Bidenomics” is a winner. We know it isn’t. Our politics is a virtually hopeless mess. And our culture is in a state of near-apocalypse.

Relationships, marriages, even friendships, are at a crisis point. People are miserable – especially women, whom Scott and Melissa agree are more receptive to cultural signals and messaging than are men (and those messages and signals are overwhelmingly tailored to women in the first place). Scott notes that polling points to a political explanation, as married men (R+20), married women (R+14), and unmarried men (R+7) are decidedly center-right, while unmarried women (D+37), overwhelmingly the most unhappy segment of society, are hard left in America, and that’s probably not an accident.

In fact, none of it is an accident.

The people who control our institutions hate us. They don’t accept us for how we normals live our lives. And they won’t leave us alone. They keep us on eggshells. Everything is agenda-driven. Nothing is allowed to just be.

And the results across the board are unacceptable.

How to fix it? Scott and Melissa have some ideas. They’re good ones. Which makes this one of the more must-watch episodes of The Spectacle Podcast.

Preorder How Do We Get Out of Here by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.