The Breaking of the American Heart

Scott McKay and Melissa Mackenzie are back at it discussing the dystopian world Biden and his ilk have created. It’s breaking America’s collective heart. The pressure on the working and middle class continues and the elites can’t seem to grasp the problem. 

First up, the ginned up Climate Crisis which continually demoralizes the populace. Then there’s unwanted wars and general disregard for the suffering of average Americans — see Biden’s response to the victims in Maui. Scott and Melissa talk about RFK, Jr.’s talk with Tucker Carlson. Why is the populist moment increasing on the Left and the Right? Perhaps it’s because of the utter lawlessness and impervious imposition of rules and regulations harrying average Americans. And then there is the persecution of Trump. The assault on free speech and a host of newly made infractions undermines the rule of law and respect for the “Rich Men North of Richmond.”  Americans have a reason to be heartbroken and the elites are mystified.

Watch: RFK Jr. interview with Tucker Carlson