The First Amendment Under Attack, with Liz Murrill

Louisiana Solicitor General Liz Murrill, one of the key players in the landmark Missouri v. Biden censorship case, joins Melissa Mackenzie and Scott McKay in this episode of the Spectacle Podcast to talk about a central issue in American politics and culture. Namely, the all-out assault on free speech we’re seeing from the federal government.

Missouri v. Biden, a case which is actually still in its early stages, arose from a multistate lawsuit from a number of state attorneys general over efforts by the Biden administration and elements of the federal bureaucracy to intimidate and manipulate social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to cancel or suppress speech the feds disfavor – whether that involved topics surrounding COVID vaccines or mandates, the Hunter Biden laptop, debate over the 2020 election or other hot-buttons. Murrill says there has been an alarming amount of discovery proving the overreach of the federal government already, with more to come as the case progresses.

She talks about the sweeping injunction by federal judge Terry Doughty barring the federal government from continuing its campaign of suppression, and the challenges of fighting off the corruption and weaponization of the government.

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