A Good Old-Fashioned Down South Butt-Kickin’

Scott McKay is a happy camper in this week’s episode of The Spectacle Podcast, as Saturday’s primary elections in Louisiana were a total wipeout of the Bayou State’s Democrats. He’s happy to tell you all about it as Melissa Mackenzie looks on in amusement.

But that’s not all this episode entails. A discussion of what the Louisiana red wave election, which puts conservatives firmly in charge of every lever of state power, portends for the city of New Orleans leads to a wider discussion of urban political failure which is worth a listen. And from there comes a conversation about Israel’s war against the Hamas murderers, the effort to elect someone Speaker of the House, and even a bit of a teaser of a plan to begin a series of state-by-state checkins on swing-state politics in advance of the 2024 elections.

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