Individualist Order, Tribalist Chaos

In this edition of The Spectacle Podcast, Melissa Mackenzie and Scott McKay talk about a number of things which circulate around a single theme – namely, that the Western order of things, which is built around the Judeo-Christian concept that each individual is sovereign before God and accountable for his or her own actions, is under attack by the pagan/barbarian concept of tribe.

Barack Obama, the subject of Scott’s new book Racism, Revenge and Ruin: It’s All Obama, which is available for pre-order now and due for release on November 21, referred to the latter worldview as the pursuit of “collective salvation.”

But collective salvation is a lie, and it leads to misery.

We see it in the Israel-Gaza conflict. An ordered society, if there were one in Gaza, would not have started a war by way of atrocities as the Hamas-led Palestinians did; especially when the inevitable result of that war was what is happening now. Israel is crushing Hamas, and the Israelis have finally cast aside concerns for the “civilians” being used as human shields by the terrorists. Everything about that war, and the larger Arab-Israeli conflict in general, has been driven by the tribal (read: Hamas) impetus to use the civilized respect for the individual as a weapon.

Tribal disorder doesn’t work. It’s an inferior way to run a society. But whether it’s in the inner cities or the universities or in corporate America, too many are attempting to orient our lives around group dynamics rather than those of the individual, the way of Western civilization. We’re suffering badly for it.

This episode of The Spectacle delves deeply into this phenomenon. And references to a large extent the role of Obama in developing it in America.

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