Nikki Haley Proved She’s On the B team

Is Nikki Haley in on the “in” crowd? Why did her campaign sputter? And is she just another Bush Republican? On today’s episode of the Spectacle, hosts Melissa MacKenzie and Scott McKay bring on contributor to The American Spectator Keith Naughton to talk about what he sees and what he doesn’t see in Nikki Haley. (READ Keith Naughton’s Latest: Haley Made Strategic Blunders. They’re Costing Her the Campaign. )

They discuss her Clemson degree and her career at the UN, and whether or not those factors make her a member of the cultural elite. Keith points out that, while poll numbers show she might do fairly well in a general election, Haley has run an uninspiring campaign and has demonstrated her inability to take advantage of the opportunity to effectively undermine her opponents. Listen in to hear their analysis!