Everything Wrong With the Super Bowl

If you’re a Taylor Swift fan (or are a resident of Kansas City) you may have thought Sunday’s Super Bowl went rather well. Hosts Melissa Mackenzie and Scott McKay are neither of those things, and so in today’s episode of The Spectacle, they talk about everything that went wrong at the biggest game of the year.

Scott points out that the infamous He Gets Us “Jesus” ad was not only deeply misguided and offensive to Christians; it was intended to demoralize them. It counted on the ignorance of the audience to inject a message into the culture that undermines, rather than promotes, the message of the gospel. Meanwhile, Melissa has a bone to pick with Travis Kelce, who screamed at his coach on the field mid-game. The problem, she argues, goes much deeper than game excitement — it’s the end result of bad parenting.

This is an episode you won’t want to miss!